M-100 Ultimate Melt & Tart Blend; 3lb sample bag
Soy Pillar Wax Candles

M-100 Ultimate Melt & Tart Blend; 3lb sample bag

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M-100 Ultimate Melt & Tart Blend

Positively THE BEST NATURAL MELT & TART BLEND ON THE PLANET.  This soy and botanical blend of waxes acts more like a paraffin than any wax on the planet.  

  • Tremendous single-pour properties
  • Outstanding color-retention
  • Incredible release from molds without the need of release agents
  • Great for votives, too!
You can create a rustic mottled candle by pouring cooler, and a shiny sophisticated candle by pouring hotter.

Here is how it's done:

  • Melt wax to 180 degrees F
  • Let cool to 170 degrees F and add fragrance
  • Pour right away for smooth finish, or cool to 145 degrees for mottled effect.
  • Let cool for 48 hours prior to burning.
This wax can be fragranced to 12% or higher, but be sure to use fragrances with flashpoints above 190 degrees for maximum performance in your candle.  Always test your wicks in your votive candles.