M-100 Ultimate Melt & Tart Blend; 10lb bag

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M-100 Ultimate Melt & Tart Blend

Positively THE BEST NATURAL TART BLEND ON THE PLANET.  This soy and botanical blend of waxes is so easy to use.  Check out this recent customer testimonial:

Hi Liz,

I wanted to tell you how happy I am to have found your soy melt & tart wax. Many people were outraged when EcoSoya discontinued their PB wax with virtually no notice and, after months of waiting, underwhelmed us all with an extremely inferior yet more expensive product. It was a nightmare as a small business owner heading into the holiday season. I found out about ASO through a fellow small business owner going through the same ordeal. I decided to order a bag and try it out, and I was OVERJOYED at the results. ASO Melt & Tart wax produces a nice smooth finish, slides easily out of the mold, solidifies to be hard and durable as a wax tart should be, the hot and cold scent throw is terrific and I've had very minimal leakage. These are all things that EcoSoya completely botched with their new formula, but ASO hit the nail on the head. As a small business owner, I am so thankful! Please keep doing! :-)

Thank you!

  • Tremendous single-pour properties
  • Outstanding color-retention
  • Incredible release from molds without the need of release agents
  • Great for votives, too!
You can create a rustic mottled candle by pouring cooler, and a shiny sophisticated candle by pouring hotter.

Here is how it's done:

  • Melt wax to 180 degrees F
  • Let cool to 170 degrees F and add fragrance
  • Pour right away for smooth finish, or cool to 145 degrees for mottled effect.
  • Let cool for 48 hours prior to burning.
This wax can be fragranced to 12% or higher, but be sure to use fragrances with flashpoints above 190 degrees for maximum performance in your candle.  Always test your wicks in your votive candles.
5 Stars
I have been considering using soy organic products for quit some time, and finally made the plunge. M-100 is the absolute best wax for wax melts, so much so we have 100 molds and cant keep them in stock. It performs incredibly well, obviously more viscous fragrance oils need more mixing and a slightly higher mixing temp. Cold throw for the first few days is quiet low as is hot fragrance throw, after curing 1-2 weeks cold throw is above average, and hot throw can't be beat at 13%.
Reviewed by:  from Fayetteville. on 5/14/2021
5 Stars
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Omaha, NE. on 10/6/2015