Candle Making

  • Wax Wax
    Candles need wax. We offer only the finest natural waxes for your candle making needs. From pure soy from which you can base your own formulations, to modified soy for color retention and stability, or container soy blends will blow you away! The best price on beeswax in the most usable format available is great for pillars, tapers, and as a modifier for your soy candles. It's also great for many other non-candle projects that require beeswax.
  • Clearance Clearance
    As we continue to introduce new fragrance oils to our line, we must discontinue scents that don't sell as quickly. While it is never fun to say goodbye to old favorites, it must be done to save space. These oils will be available for purchase at discounts until the existing stock is gone.