100% Midwest CONTAINER WAX; 25lb Box

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Product is packed in a 25# bag and boxed.

100% Soy Container wax from America's Heartland.

The best soybeans come from the richest soil, and the richest soil is in America's Midwest.  That's why our Soy100 is simply the richest, most consistent soy wax in the world.  

Our 100% Midwest Soy is a container wax that is tremendous as-is, or as a base for your own custom formulation.  With a 125 degree F melting point, this formulation gives great adhesion to your jars and offers very little shrink when poured cool.  You can get better colors and tops when mixing 5% SOY MODIFIER to this wax.

For best results:

  • Heat wax to 150 F
  • Let cool to 125 F
  • Fold in fragrance up to 12%*
  • Cool to 105 F or lower
  • Gently pour into your jar and allow to cool for 48 hours before burning.
*Vigorously stirring your wax can cause aeration, which is a no-no for soy candle production.  Always test your fragrance and wicks for proper burning qualities.

This wax is compatible with most other candle waxes and offers a tremendous base for adding beeswax, paraffin, or other waxes to customize your blend.  Add SOY MODIFIER for a totally natural additive that will increase this wax's harness and give smoother tops.

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